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-So what is a “SKWAK” is it a sound a creature or just a random word?

Skwak is me… Well, my “other” me, because I have a real name, of course…

-When you’re walking in the streets and ran across people do you picture them as monsters?

Exactly. I inspire myself with everything I see around me : people, situations in the street, things I see on television… Anything even anecdotic is transposed into my universe.

-In a few words, what is the KOOGAI – is it the pollution of the environment or it applies to everything?/

In fact, the Koogai are the ancient people if the universe I describe in my illustrations. They have created waves of pollution which have transformed the people who were living there into Maniacs who are always looking for more (power, beauty…). Now I illustrate stories based on the Maniacs : their history, what they do, what they think… But it’s still both a pollution of the environment and a mental one

-I’ve read that SKWAK world is inspired by reality; and our world is a complete mess; just like your illustrations; do you think that despite all the bad things that people do to themselves and the environment this self destruction is beautiful in an ironic way?

I try to reflect into my illustrations the absurd image of our world… I don’t think that what people do is “beautiful”. After all, it’s beautiful like a beautiful tragedy… Like a movie with no happy ending…

-When I look at your illustrations I feel like I’m getting an information overload I can’t really focus on anything yet I can’t stop staring; it’s almost like having a TV and a radio set to the max playing commercials and broadcasting news at the same time giving me a headache after a while. Do you open a TV set or listen to music while you’re painting to inspire you – or it all just comes naturally after you begin painting?

Yes, I get inspired a lot with what I see on TV, what I hear on the radio. It helps me building the story of each of my illustrations, which are all linked together. The Maniac characters are well inspired of our lives, but exaggerated.

If there was one thing you could change in this world what would this be and why?

Too many things to change, too little time…

-What is/was your favorite cartoon?

Sponge Bob.

-Any chance we will see an animated version of the SKWAK world; like a mini series of cartoons ?

It will be so cool if one day my characters become “live” in animations. I have already worked with Gunshop company on some different animation for TV but nothing really totally “Skwak”. But don’t worry, it’s coming…

-Any current or future projects you would like to talk about?

Many things are coming… I have created my own character in 3D, the Maniac, which will be available in Spring and produced by Kaching Brands., I’m preparing an exhibition in Bruxelles, I work on a book against HIV, and I’m going to Lisboa to customize an Adidas store…Some other things will come this year, …

-Apart from t-shirts and the plushies at is there a plan for SKWAKshop where one can buy your prints and other stuff?

I’m showcasing my paintings in a gallery in Paris (Addict Gallery), and you can find some of my illustrations on posters in Artoyz. For any information, you can contact me and I’ll inform you !

-That is all!

Thank you! it was a real pleasure !!!!


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  1. March 1, 2007 8:26 am

    SKWAK Rules! When I think of artists/designers that successfully pack more data into their work than anyone else ever has… dude is always at the top of the list. Maxamalism kicks ass!!!


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