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Robots Will Kill

A couple of years ago while browsing various graffiti sites i ran across; a site packed with robot art, graff and merch which doubles as a HUGE online graffiti gallery showcasing art from 3500+ (!!!) artists from all over the world.

I asked Chris of RWK to provide me with more info about RWK.

Below follows a mini interview of Chris, a short bio of RWK and a selection of current RWK merch.

Don't forget to check out the official RWK Site and browse the humongous graff section and their great merch

Read on!

RWK statement:
Robots Will Kill is an arts site dedicated to community and exposure for artists/media often disregarded by the mainstream art world. Set in motion in 2001, RWK is the brain-child of Chris Chillemi.

Rather than featuring his own work exclusively, he opened it up to allow the possibility for it to become whatever it evolved into being. At the time that this is being written, the site is showing work of over 3500 artists from around the world.

With the surge of incredible art from practically all mediums coming in- the responsibilities for the various aspects of the site have been delegated to people who were involved from the very beginning. Col has taken on both the promotion and administration of the Graff Section, fueled entirely now by user-submitted pics. Kevpsyn is working on taking the Verse section up to speed with the rest of the site, while also expanding and maintaining the technical aspects of RWK. Chris to this day is still the back-bone of the entire project. Talking to and recruiting Artists for the site, participating in shows and collaborative works, making sure your order gets out as quickly as robotically possible, always thinking of new ways to help the site and the project stay fresh in the face of exhaustion and complacency.

As the site enters into it's fifth year, we have nothing but gratitude for the people that have helped make this all possible, our friends and families, the graff/street-art and outsider-art communities, and especially the people that keep visiting the site.

First RWK painting

** How were the robots were born/or inspired) can you share some some extra info?

Chris (RWK): Well lets see, there was one robot that set forth RWK.
i started drawing robots a long time ago but it was around 1998 that i started workin on them more. but back than they were more boxy looking. i did a painting in 1999 when i was staying at the Vermont Studio Center, the VSC is a place that i had been awarded a fellowship to for one month a year in 99-00-01. while i was workin on the painting the phrase "Robots Will Kill" kept repeating in my head. with that painting i started to make the robots a little more human like. RWK took on a few meanings. One main one is once you start doing something like a 9-5 job you become robotic. so becoming robotic kills things like creativity.

** How many people are behind RWK and what does each do?

Chris (RWK): There's three people who are involved with RWK. theres me,COL and Kevpsyn. I do the general stuff, ship, answer emails, design etc. Col does all the graff stuff, from murals to arrange magazine spreads. Kevpsyn, well he's the technological genius with a great creative side.

**RWK as a company: inspired by what culture? (obviously graffiti – any other influences?)

Chris (RWK): A few things that have inspired RWK :
1. art
2. graffiti
3. skateboard culture
4. cartoons, comic books, comics
5. toys
to be honest theres way too many things
First RWK T-Shirt

** Where you inspired by other clothing lines and or friends/specific artists/music ?

Chris (RWK): Hmmmm, well skateboard clothing in general. I loved the old tribal stuff that i believe was done by zodiac. i liked the old fresh jive stuff too.
i love jim phillips and V. Courtlandt Johnson… so i guess skateboarding had a really big influence…

** What kind of music to you listen to?

Chris (RWK): Well for me, its hardcore, punk, hip hop…and jazz.. those are my favorites but i like about everything…

[Q] What is your current favorite album?

Chris (RWK): If i can i'll name a few…
anything johnny cash, sick of it all, M.O.P., aesop rock, H2O, peggy lee, milt jackson, the paper chase… a lot of stuff.

**What do you guys do when you're not painting robots (other jobs, hobbies)

Chris (RWK): me, i have a 9-5 union job…hobbies are bmx bike riding, going to shows(art,hardcore,etc), being an international jewel thief, no i'm just kidding. i dont own a bike…

Below follows a selection of current rwk merch available @ the RWK SHOP

"Victim In Paint!" one of a kind all hand painted zip up hooded sweatshirt. with washing the paint will break in to give it a worn in effect.

"Postal Tee"

"Dia de las Robots" Tee


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  1. dannyboy permalink
    September 26, 2006 11:29 pm

    Quick ? for Chris. Do you know of any web page or books available from V.C. Johnson? I’m a big fan of his work, but can’t seem to find any on the web. Just a few references such as this, as well as the Powell web site.

    I’m diggin’ the art so far! Can’t wait to explore the whole site!

  2. Kenneth Jordan permalink
    May 29, 2007 8:23 pm

    Yeah I like the hoodie that he had on i was woundering if you take orders for shirts by the bulk.

  3. February 21, 2008 4:21 pm

    i love the website it helps me think of other ideas but not compleatly steal their style and the web wellmade

  4. February 22, 2008 4:37 pm

    i love this web

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