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Fuct Interview (with Erik Brunetti)

What’s new at fuct right now?

I bought some new taxidermy for our loft. A black Boars head, a black goats head, it goes nicely with the bronzed deer head we already had and I am currently obsessed with persian rugs as well…also, we are doing an art exhibit for one of my friends at the loft, in october….other then that, just making art, playing music, drinking wine.

So… what is the love awareness program?

It’s about forcing love into peoples eyes. By any means necessary.

There was a period that fuct products suddenly disappeared – or at least I and a lot of people couldn’t spot them. Did you take a break, cleaned up your list of retailers, other reason – what happened?

I got fed up with the “street wear” industry. It became over saturated with 100’s of companies, so I simply stopped. I just made art and played music for 2 years. In a way it was a good thing to stop, because as you said, it “cleaned up my retailers” nicely. Too many countries were boot-legging FUCT. My policy now is very simple, if I find a country that is boot-legging, I cut the entire country off completely.

Fuct has been on the radar for a good 15 years what is your most memorable moment/highlight?

Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) wearing the “Too Tough to Die” design I did of his likeness…in the media and on stage, it was just too perfect.

Do you design all the t-shirts yourself? If not who else helps you?

Yes, I do atleast 90% of the designs/ Art. I have had others come on board for certain projects, Misha (PERKS) from P.A.M. worked with me for a summer, that was a memorable experience, as well as some long time graff bombing partners…its very communal at FUCT, I have always done it out of my Loft, (where I live and work) so, whoever is staying with me, visiting or even just hanging out, who has a great Idea or skills, contributes.

You recently printed some t-shirt designs together with Brooklyn Projects and I just saw a fuct x krudmart one, any other similar plans/ projects in the near future you’d like to mention?

Yes, I am doing a collaboration with Larry Clark next, possiblly one with Pushead as well.

There are some new clothing lines (and some older ones) that really get it right: concept, design, philosophy, new ideas is/are there a line/lines that you’re personally into if so can you mention some?

At the moment I like Topshelf Mother Fucker and Rockers NYC…they are doing great work. I have always liked Hysteric Glamour as well.

Which magazines do you read?

ID, Time, Art Forum, Art News

Do you think fashion magazines, fashion blogs define the trends, styles people are wearing?

No. They only report on what people are wearing on the streets, the people wearing it dictate / forcast the trends and the media picks up on it after the fact.

Any other projects you’re working on aside from fuct?

I am working with Hysteric Glamour this year for their next Hysteric Mini / FUCT Kids collection. It will be out in spring 2007

Fuct has a history of controversial and provocative advertising, is this the major reason that led to a successful label?

I believe we went to, created and explored many things other companies were not willing to do. FUCT created the “subversive streetwear” of this generation.FUCT would always dive in the water head first with out testing the tempature first, and other streetwear companies would wait to see if the “water was okay”, then follow. FUCT took risks. We had no politcal agenda, nor did we stand behind any PC beliefs. FUCT is an assanation of pop culture. Most of the “other” street wear companies live vicariously through FUCT.

What’s your opinion about “luxury streetwear” and $100+ shirts, how do you feel about the people that wear them?

The same opinion I have on grown men collecting and spending money on “toys and sneakers”…(laughter)

Is fuct still as close to the graffiti and skateboarding scene as it
was 15 years ago?

Yes, it will always be. I wrote graff since 1985, and will never stop. As for skateboards? You will have to wait and see. I have a few
secrets up my sleeve.

In one of the current t-shirt designs you’re using a monogram similar to Luis Vuitton This has been done a lot lately by Several brands- How would you feel if someone did the same with fuct e.g. a parody t-shirt?

If it was done well, I would probably dig it. Mind you, there is a big difference between “biting” and doing a parody.

Would you wear such a t-shirt?

If it was a well executed design/ parody, yes I would.

So I recently came across the “fuct facts” where it is made clear that Shepard Fairey aka OBEY has “borrowed” several designs and ideas from fuct, you have publicly addressed your opinion about him – What does Shepard have to say about all this? Has he/you ever tried to contact each other about this matter?

I could care less about OBEY, or anything else they “borrow”. They all seem very unhappy all the time in that camp. They all need hugs.

What about Nigo and the ape designs?

You don’t have enough space here for me to give you my opinion on that disaster.

You and Rick Klotz of Freshjive have publicly “attacked” Bape and Nigo personally; many people have said that you’re just being bitter that someone else managed to become so successful – what’s your comment/answer to those people?

Most of the “people” that say that about us are just young kids that hide behind keyboards typing away, reading the internet. They need to do their research first before they shoot their mouths off and make themselves look like fools.

If you got stuck in a room with Nigo and Shepard what would you do?

I would ask shepard about his political veiws, for instance, how can he dis-like George Bush but portray mao tesung as a hero? They are both murders as far as I am concerned. As for nigo…I honestly dont think he is even aware of how in
appropriate and un-original his line is. He has so many mis lead people buying into his scam, he actually believes he came up with it on his own, (with out seeing X-Large, X-Fuct or FUCT first) its a fucking joke.

Anything else you’d like to add – last words?

Yes. Buy more books and less sneakers.
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