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November 4, 2008

Part of Rebellion Flying Fortress Cover With the new book series about street artists, author and designer C100 and the Publikat publishing house follow the success of “The Art of Rebellion”.

“Part of Rebellion” shall be understood as the answer to all those books about street art, which are put into the market without having any relation to the scene. By a price of 14,90 EUR and coming in a handy format (128 colour pages, 15 x 18,8 cm), this book is very affordable. Every four months a new volume will be published, next artist will be Förtress‘ colleague Dave the Chimp from London.

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“The Art of Rebellion” I & II sold more than 70.000 copies world-wide. With their newest collaboration, author and publishing house hit the spot: They publish a series in which always only one single artist is being presented. Every volume has focus on one internationally leading street artist and the range of his works.

Flying Förtress, who named himself after a World War II bomber long time ago, is not without reason the Nr.1; the creator of the always on the go being Teddy Troops, same as C100, has origin in Munich and is rooted in graffiti culture. From Bavaria, which is probably better known for exporting beer than those subversive teddy bears, Förtress‘ troops march out into the world. As rockers, roadies or cannibals these helmeted guys riot and cause high spirits from Los Angeles, to Munich or Hong Kong. “Part of Rebellion # 1 Flying Förtress” (ISBN:978-3-939566-16-8) doesn’t only show the peacefull Teddy Troops in the streets, in galleries, on stickers, skate boards or as vinyl toys, but also Förtress‘ collaborations with other artists such as Pez or The London Police Crew – and of course with Dave the Chimp and their collective project “Visual Rock Stars”. Completed is the whole thing by illustrations and t-shirt designs for labels such as Stüssy, Fenchurch or Hessenmob.

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