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Fall/Winter line “Native Cascadians” by Hecklewood

November 2, 2007

Fall/Winter line
Fall/Winter line

Hecklewood just released their Fall/Winter line “Native Cascadians” online, and relaunched a new website. The collection draws inspiration from NW Cascadian culture….past, present, and future. Much of the fabric, patterns, and graphics pay homage to their NW roots, but are reinterpreted with a lot of late 80’s/early 90’s color.

This also marks their first release of cut-and-sewn garments, and for drop 1 of this season we’re offering both a hoodie and scarf set constructed from wool produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Based in Portland, Pendleton is the premier wool manufacturer in the world. The hoodie pays homage to early 90’s grunge, and the reversible scarves have a definite Native American aesthetic top them. Both are constructed from high end 100% virgin wool, and are limited to 48 pieces per colorway. More @

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