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Beautiful/Decay vs. Mishka: Two Unstoppable Nightmares to Melt Your Eyeballs!

April 12, 2007

Beautiful/Decay vs. Mishka: Two Unstoppable Nightmares to Melt Your Eyeballs!
As film giants Tarantino and Rodriguez get poised to revive the classic double feature, so do Beautiful/Decay, the purveyors of art and culture, and streetwear weirdos Mishka NYC. This collaborative shirt celebrates a golden age of films, the grindhouse era. A time when boundaries were redrawn and excess was celebrated. If you weren’t already familiar, this gruesome decadence is the backbone of Mishka so it was only fitting to put a contemporary twist on the concept. Beautiful/Decay is stalked by a ravenous beast, while Mishka ride in on a blood fueled chopper. Watch out, this won’t be the last of this leather clad grizzly. The beast is released so act quick junkies, ’cause when the scent hits the air, this shirt won’t last long. Only 200 units made. Printed on white, heavy weight, Triple A brand shirt.

Available to buy at:

To visit the online shop:

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