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Indie Tshirt Brand Inspires “CSI:NY,” Today’s Episode

October 11, 2006

Indie Tshirt Brand Inspires
Six months after launching (and promptly selling out) its first line, indie
fashion brand EDOC LAUNDRY has inspired and is heavily featured in an
episode of “CSI: NY,” airing TODAY, Oct. 11, 10pm on CBS.

Edoc’s real-life concept of using hidden messages in hipster-cool tshirts to
tell a covert story is the entire premise for the episode. Titled “Hung Out
to Dry,” the show is about a serial murderer who uses trendy tshirts to hide
clues to his identity and motives for his gruesome killings.

Edoc apparel is named and featured extensively throughout the show,
including five exclusively designed shirts that some of the victims wear
(these are available as limited-edition designs on the Edoc Website – ).

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