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Wallspankers Issue One – Now Available for Download!

July 12, 2006

57even, Abe, Ako, Alexa, Allow, Andy Cook, Andy Smith, Angel D’Amico, ArtBureau, Bard, Basco5, Bduk, Bee16, Berzerk, Black Marmalade, Brandy Flower, Brian Butler, Catv, Castro, Chik, CousCousKid, Deli, Design Stunt, Devon Berger, David Foldvari, Doza, Elanor Bowley, Emanuele Bortoluzzi, Emily Twomey, Eraserhead, Exist1981, Feargal Omalley, FK, Gejo, Goodwil, HighTech1, Jared Papier, Jason, Jeremyville, Jinpow, John Dill, Jonas Delaborde, Josef Buchanan, Justin Angelos, Kegr, Kevin G, K. Bourgeois, Kran, Le Bete Noire, Lerk, Lints, Linzie Hunter, LoveMovement, Luke Ramsey, Makeshift, Matthew Ferguson, Meatwig, Mildred, Mista Breakfast, Monster Decay, Mr. Never, Mr. Prvrt, Mr. Boxman, MWM Graphics, N8 Williams, Nerdcore, Olive47, OneDay, Pane, Parpa Barba, Peter Pracillio, Piakupine, Poyd, Regime Change, Reone, Scufie, Sebastian Onufszak, Sheesh, Shye, Soul Movement, Space1134, Stephan Parylak, Sub, Syphos, Tech Vector, The Walters, ThinkOwl, WhatWhat, Wia, Zap, Zoltron, Zoso WWW.WALLSPANKERS.COM

The Wall Spankers Project was founded by MWMgraphics. The goal is to bring together international artists and designers in a collaborative, sharing environment. By releasing the zine at a printable resolution, we hope that participants and supporters will take advantage of it and produce the stickers on their own. Spreading each others work to areas of the world that the creator might not have the opportunity to visit.

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