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Teddy Troops Invasion | 40 Artists vs 40 Bears @ Rotofugi

May 30, 2006

Opens June 2, 2006 @ Rotofugi

Full List of participating artists: (click "more")

Anthony Lewellen
Berhnardt Geyer
Bruce Noel Mortenson
Chris Uphues
Dan Grzeca
David Van Alphen
Diana Sudyka
Francis Kmiecik
Gabe Lanza
Greg Shirilla
Herman Sanchez
Jeff Zimmerman
Jeremiah Ketner
Jeremy Pelt
Joey D
Joey Potts
Ken Keirns
Ken Watanabe
Krista Peel
Mat Daly
Matt Sharp
Mike Yurkovic
Mitch O'Connell
Nicc Balce
Orlando Camacho
Quang Hong
Revise CMW
Scott Shellhamer
Shawnimal Smith
Tom Sinnamond
Travis Lampe
Zack Wirsum

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