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Future Relic: New Featured Products

April 18, 2006

Eazy Angel Platinum  Front

Eazy Angel Platinum Back

"The Eazy Angel design is a tribute to Eazy-E and communicates how someone from a checkered past may be worthy of canonization. Future Relic admires his music as social commentary that exposed the harsh reality of street life to middle America.

Eazy's death from AIDS has left mixed feelings in the Hip Hop community, as Future Relic has received disparaging comments about this design. Specifically citing how he didn't die violently like slain rappers Biggie and Tupac. So it may go to prove that violence is not only the social norm in Hip Hop, but coveted.

The 40oz depicted on the back of the shirt pays respect, in typical Eazy fashion, to an icon whose influence transcended not only the hip-hop scene, but also how an entire generation identified their culture."

Price: $15 @ Future Relic

Kid Artillery Front

Kid Artillery Back 

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