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March 3, 2006

Skinnicorp’s (yes that’s right) is a great site about anything that has to do with drinks. Just add what kind of booze you have and in a few seconds you’ll be shown all possible different mixes to make a perfect drink. If you want to submit your own recipe that’s possible too; In fact that’s what it’s all about – sharing recipes. What’s really good and different from similar sites is the ability to comment and rate a recipe. Moreover you can easily blog about recipes you can search by tags (similar to flickr – very nice), read tips & tricks and subscribe to RSS feeds. Even though extratasty is just a month old hundreds of recipes (and variations) are available. These guys at skinnycorp sure know how to make the best out of everything.

Enough with the small talk let’s have a drink already:

Check out this recipe on ExtraTasty!

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