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Monster Mash A Tournament & Exhibition of Monsters

February 18, 2006

Monster world domination! More monster action than you can handle. This has been running for some time now but you if you can make to Playlounge, London until the 25th of Feb you’ll be able to get some action.
Artists Include:Adrian Johnson, Andy Smith, Christopher Dickason, Dokter A ,I Make Things ,I Like Drawing ,Jeremy Gibbs ,Jon Burgerman ,Lunartik ,Mimic, Okkle, Peskimo, Phil Corbett, TADO, Tesselate, What What and many more… Plus additional bonus monsters from Skwak

For those of you who won’t be able to make it to MM you could still buy this limited edition monster card deck

Each monster competing in the monster mash is featured on their own card… that means you get 32 cards with full monster statistics that enables you to play the classic monster battle game.

The pack also includes a special blank card for you to create your own monster!

The packs are strictly limited to a quantity of 1000 and all packs are individually numbered by hand. Available at the Monster Mash site

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