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Garbege Spring 2006: The Roaring 20’s

February 11, 2006

It was The Roaring 20’s in America: a singular time in history, between two world wars
and the last gasp before the descent into the Great Depression. Gangsters flourished in
Big Cities and Movies flourished in Hollywood. Speakeasies, luxury Cars, Women’s
Liberation, and a booming economy kept the Country’s mood on the up-and-up!

In this series you’ll find a lineup of gangsters & entertainers as well as designs inspired by significant events of the 20’s.Theres is a true [hi]story behind each tee which you can read if you download the catalog.

You can tell by the designs that a great empasis has been put on quality and details.

If there is such a thing as “luxury streetwear” garberge is definitely it.

Prices range from $40 to $100+ Sizes S-XL (Men & Women)

For more information log on to:

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