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Mono Clothing Custom limited tees!

January 26, 2006


“It came from”

Mono clothing has some great traditionally screen-printed tees
but the custom ones are the ones that grabbed my attention and they are
(among other things) what makes Mono really stand out from other
more commercial clothing lines.
Custom tees go for around £29.99 LINK Free Delivery!
(and this is really cheap for what you’re getting)
A little more info about Mono Clothing (very interesting please read):

“Mono Clothing support and work in conjunction with street / graffiti artists
with the aim of producing thought provoking, original and aesthetically stimulating art work.
The street is a gallery, instead of plain white walls, pictures hanging stranded in a sterile environment.
Let the signs, bridges, buildings and anything with a surface bear the marks of a visually aware being.
The decay and grime of the urban sprawl can add to the art, contrasting or complementing it, causing the
work to be more relevant giving it context and perspective – on display for free to a large audience.
Mono challenges the monotony of advertising campaigns that bombard us with more Starbucks, and blurs
the lines between product and advertising, concentrating on craftsmanship over mass appeal.”

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  1. January 27, 2006 4:01 pm

    wow, impressive!

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