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Wozwear 6502 T-Shirt by Podbrix

January 23, 2006

Ok it took me a while to realise if what I was seeing was true… I don’t know if this is dumb or brilliant but I do know that this pawns all the lol wtf omg 1337 tees out there so far… I’d acutally buy one cause I love lego and geeky stuff and I’m sure it would work for any geek attention whore out there. (I’m not sure it’s the kind of attention you want). Final Verdict: I made up my mind: I fucking want one NOW. (too bad it’s out of stock)
Limited edition of 300 ALL GONE…
Wozwear 6502 is PodBrix’s latest unique apparel product. It features a minifig style Woz holding an actual functioning 6502 processor chip. This is the same processor running at 1mhz that was used in the classic Apple II line of computers. The 6502 chip is attached to the Wozwear shirt with a magnetic clasp. It is easily removed so that the Wozwear shirt may be laundered.

So yeah even though I can’t have one I like to look at the pic from time to time after all I’m addic[tee]d. Here’s the LINK in case you need more details.

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