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SlightlyUnrelated NEWS:Stuntwood The Birth, Life, and Death of a Skateboard

January 19, 2006

from the stacks HQ:
STUNTWOOD takes a comprehensive look at skateboarding through the journey of the skateboard itself. From the maple forests of the Great Lakes Region to the urban streets where skateboards thrive, STUNTWOOD follows the wood through the process of becoming a skateboard and delves into how the board profoundly affects people, art, and public spaces. Feeding a multi-billion dollar international industry, the skateboard has created a fast-growing sub-culture that has become mainstream while staying true to its fiercely personal, independent, and creative roots. This unique documentary celebrates the wood and the culture that surrounds it.

STUNTWOOD will premiere at the 2006 X-Dance Film Festival next week in Park City Utah. Narrated by Chris Miller and with a cast that includes skateboard legends Paul Schmitt, Tommy Guerrero, Bob Burnquist, Ryan Sheckler and many more, STUNTWOOD stands apart not only as a fascinating glimpse into the world of skateboarding and skate culture, but also as an educational story of the wood.

Stuntwood was produced for Fuel TV by Jeff Roe, Tatiana Bliss, and Michael Leon

To view the trailer:

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