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Libertree T-Shirt By Jib Hunt

January 10, 2006

You know that if she could, the Statue of Liberty would totally check you out. She’d be one of those fly but needy chicks, all “hey why didn’t you text me” but looks good when she whips out her Poketo wallet and pays for dinner. Sure, she’d be big, and hard to keep warm, and the karma sutra’s pretty much out because the gal might be holding the torch for you but she couldn’t touch her toes to save her life. But since she can’t wink at you when you see her, Jib Hunt was kind enough to make a shirt with her on it so you two lovebirds can still be together.All Jib Hunt T-shirts come with a Stainless Steel Dog Tag complete with customized Jib Hunt artwork on both sides. Each Dog Tag also includes a 30″chain.

The Libertree T-shirt features: 100% Fine Cotton Jersey, Tailored Fit

$28.00 LINK

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