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January 3, 2006

To celebrate Stüssy’s XXV. anniversary the company has worked with a number of brands and creative individuals on a series of exclusive products. In the context of the special “Beingstüssy” website (introduced for the launch of their denim project) this special Stüssy x Beinghunted T-shirt was produced. Three colors – dark silver, white, charcoal – will be released. The fourth color, red, of which only 25 pieces were made, is not for sale.Colors: dark silver, white, charcoalPrice: € 40.00
Approx.: US $48.00, GB £27.20
I just ordered mine! LINKTechnorati tags: T-shirt, shirt, tshirt, teeshirt shirt, Clothing, T-Shirts, Tees, Design, Tee, Shopping, Stores, News stussy.
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