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addicTEEd – addicted to tees

December 28, 2005

Most people have some sort of “addiction”. For some it’s chocolate, for others shoes, smoking, drinking etc- I’m addicted to t-shirts. I want to wear a new t shirt or maybe more every day of the year. This blog will be dedicated in presenting new t shirt designs that I’ve ran across and like, it will be updated on a regular basis and it be STRICTLY t shirts (ok maybe I’ll make an exception for a nice hoodie once a month or so but there won’t be any sneaker, outerwear, fashion posts there are hundreds of fashion and style blogs, zines out there, I like to keep it simple. Also there won’t be any brand logo t shirts posted as I’m against being a human billboard advertising a company everywhere I go.

Feel free to tip me by sending links to well designed t-shirts, or if you have a clothing company or make custom shirts on your own (please no cafepress stores). I promise I’ll have a look at any designs that are submitted to me. However; if I don’t like the design I’m not gonna post it. I’m not doing this to piss you off it’s just a matter of personal taste. Hope you will enjoy this blog.

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